“Achieve Your Dreams” scholarship

Achieve Your Dreams
$1,000 scholarship given to an individual who meets the following requirements:

-High School Senior
-1 page Essay describing their career plan (see below for essay requirements and details)
-Completed Scholarship application

Application deadline: February 8, 2017 **Must be received by 4:30pm on February 8th to be reviewed.
Submit essay by email or fax to the following:
Jill Reyna
Fax-(580) 916-3853 attn: Jill Reyna
For Questions, please call 866-933-2260 and ask for Jill

*Scholarship recipient will be awarded $1000 towards an accredited post-secondary educational facility (Recipient will be responsible for submitting his/her Fall 2017 schedule showing enrollment to Jill Reyna so the scholarship can be awarded).
*Presentation of the scholarship will be held at our Annual Career Expo
*The school where the scholarship recipient attends will also be receiving a 50” flat screen TV!

Scholarship Essay Outline

The essay will need to include the following criteria:
1) Career Goals
a. What Career are you interested in?
b. Why?
2) How will you achieve your Career Goal?
a. What facility/facilities are you interested in?
b. What funding sources will be available to you?
c. What kind of support system do you have?
3) Do you have any possible career obstacles? (financial, transportation, etc.)
4) How will your cost of education compare to the salary in your Career field?
5) What employment opportunities are available to you in your Career Field?
a. Will you have to relocate?
b. What are the future projections for this career field?

Formatting: All essays need to be double spaced, 12pt font size, Times New Roman or Courier font, and no more than 2 pages in length

**Resources to help with your essay:
Career One Stop:
OK Career Guide: